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Category:Spiritual Traditions

In the summer of 1850, the first Methodist Camp Meeting took place in a wooded area at the foot of Pool Hill Road in Lebanon Springs called Pine Grove, The revival meetings grew over many decades to  3,000 to 4,000 visitors.  Methodist Camp Meetings made Lebanon Springs a summer destination for thousands of visitors for more than a half century.

In 1895, the Methodist Conference sold the grove to the Salvation Army.  The Salvation Army held annual camp meetings at the Pine Grove in Lebanon Springs, New York, during the month of August from 1892 until 1910.  On occasion the Shakers attended these meetings and apparently invited members of the Salvation Army to visit them at Mount Lebanon.  In 1903 members of the Salvation Army visited the North Familiy Shakers and performed on the lawn. In 1910, the Camp Meetings were stopped due to aging leadership and declining attendance.