Located in Historic New Lebanon


Spiritual Traditions

New Lebanon is proud of its long tradition of spiritual diversity and tolerance.  It has been the cradle of several influential religious movements throughout the last 350 years.


Established in 1787, Mount Lebanon was the single largest communal society in America for over 100 years and was the center of the Shaker world. The largest and most important shaker community,  Mount Lebanon created the temple for Shaker social organization, architecture, and religious practice.  


In the summer of 1850, the first Methodist Camp Meeting took place in a wooded area at the foot of Pool Hill Road in Lebanon Springs called Pine Grove, The revival meetings grew over many decades to  3,000 to 4,000 visitors.  Methodist Camp Meetings made Lebanon Springs a summer destination for thousands of visitors for more than a half century.


In the spring of 1975, the South Family property on Mount Lebanon was purchased by the Sufi Order International, which established it as a new spiritual residential community lead by the Pir of the Order, Vilayat Inayat Khan. This residential community was named The Abode Of the Message.