Located in Historic New Lebanon


Lebanon Hot Springs
Category:Liesure Traditions

Lebanon Springs was originally known to Native Americans as "Monte Poole"and was frequented by those people for its restorative properties. A group of Mohican Indians brought the first white man, Captain John Hitchcock,from Stockbridge to the Springs in 1756 to bathe in the waters as a cure for a skin ailment.

The cure proved so effective for Hitchcock, he later returned and settled by the Springs establishing a small public bath house. The waters flowed at a constant 73 degrees year round, was soft and tasteless and was purported to possess medicinal properties of great merit. Hitchcock acquired a lease on the property and retained control until 1806. During this period the springs became a popular tourist destination and several hotels were constructed in the area. The Columbia Hall building was initially constructed in 1794 and over the next 70 years grew to be one of the grandest tourist destinations in America.