Located in Historic New Lebanon

Historic Places to Visit

Historic Places To Visit

The Lebanon Valley is the home to many historic sites, which can be visited.

Lebanon Valley Heritage Center

The Heritage Center has an extensive collection of antique tools, shaker artifacts, antique maps and documents on display. The center also has information and maps for  historic, cultural and recreational places to visit in the area.

Shaker Museum/Mount Lebanon

The Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon is open for tours at the North Family June through October each year.  For additional information and schedules please  visit www.shakermuseumandlibrary.org

Samuel J. Tilden Monument

[1895-96] Designed by the noted architect Ernest Flagg, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and lies in the idyllic Cemetery of the Evergreens. The Cemetery of the Evergreens is a beautiful shaded memorial park with many walks; worth a visit in its own right.  The inscription reads: "I still trust the people". 

Visit the Heritage Center to obtain an area map and directions to this monument.

Lebanon Springs Blessing Fountain

The Lebanon Valley Garden Club commissioned renowned artist Henry Kitson to commemorate the Mohican Indians introduction of the springs to Europeans and to make the waters available to the public.

Visit the Heritage Center to obtain an area map and directions to this monument.

Shaker Swamp

The rare medicinal herbs growing in this highly-scenic wetland were used by the Mohican Indians, the Shakers, and the Tilden Company. A fundraising campaign is underway to preserve the swamp and to provide public access and walkways.  For more information visit www.shakerswamp.org