Located in Historic New Lebanon


Henry A. Tilden

In 1848 Samuel's brother, Henry Tilden took over the herbal medicine business begun by their father Elam, transforming it into the nations first modern pharmaceutical firm.

Under Henry's leadership the Tilden Company built a large steam driven factory for processing medicinal herb extracts on a large scale, setting new standards for innovation and product quality, and reaching a national market. Henry instituted changes to adopt every modern invention.  Extracts were produced by vacuum processing from herbs collected, at the optimal season from around New Lebanon, allowing greater control over the quality of finished medicines.

In 1859 Henry Tilden started to publish the Journal of Materia Medica which set a standard for the production, use and quality of pharmaceutical products.  It was hailed by the medical profession and was a significant step toward increased quality of medical care in America and was at one time subscribed to by all medical professionals in the country along with the Tilden & Co. - Catalogue of Pure Medicinal Extracts.

The company thrived well into the 20th century, when its business began to suffer and it was taken over by a succession of firms.  Although the original factory and the later landmark factory/laboratory are gone, several remaining physical reminders of the firm recall the importance of the pharmaceutical industry in New Lebanon

Born 1822. brother Samuel Tilden and Moses Tilden, son of Elam Tilden.