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People who have shaped New Lebanon

Samuel Jones Tilden

Samuel Jones Tilden made his reputation first as a crime busting District Attorney in New York City,  later as a popular reform Governor.  In the hotly disputed Presidential election of 1876,  Tilden Won the popular vote by a wide margin but lost  the election by one vote in the Electoral College.

Mohican Indians

A Mohican Village, Kaunameek was located on the banks of the Kinderhook Creek at the west end of New Lebanon.  The Kaunameek Village is the beginning of the history of New Lebanon.

Mother Ann Lee

In England, Ann Lee rose to prominence in the Shaker religion by urging followers to preach in public.  She and her followers were frequently arrested. In 1774, Mother Ann Lee and a select group of Shakers emigrated to America and ultimately founded the Mount Lebanon Shaker Community in New Lebanon.

Jesse Torrey

Jesse Torrey was born in 1787 in New Lebanon.  During the first half of the 19th century he became a strong and vocal proponent for the free library system, educational reform and the abolition of slavery in America.

Elam Tilden

Elam Tilden came to the Lebanon Valley in the 1770's at the age of four with his family from Connecticut.  He later managed one of the largest stores in the area located on the main road from Boston to Albany.  Subsequently, he started the Gilbert & Tilden Company along with Elisha Gilbert.  His sons Henry and Moses took over this business and built it into one of the largest pharmaceutical firms in the country. Their brother Samuel became a lawyer, NYS Governor and candidate for President.

Major Elisha Gilbert II

Major Elisha Gilbert was a prominent citizen in the early history of New Lebanon, the first to settle Lebanon Center and its largest landowner.  He was the founder of several early businesses in New Lebanon, commanded a militia company that fought during the Revolutionary war and was later active in state and local politics.

Henry A. Tilden

In 1848 Samuel's brother, Henry Tilden took over the herbal medicine business begun by their father Elam, transforming it into the nations first modern pharmaceutical firm.

Thomas Kendall

Thomas Kendall was Blacksmith and Machinist by training.  He became a prominent business owner in New Lebanon in the early 19th century when he invented the modern graduated thermometer and started the first thermometer  manufacturing company in America.