Located in Historic New Lebanon


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 Columbia Hall in Lebanon Springs opened in 1794.  It stood 300 feet above the valley. At full capacity it could service 400 guests. The historic register from 1820-1830 was signed by visitors including the Marquis de Lafayette, Henry Longfellow, Daniel Webster, and John Quincy Adams.

 In 1756 James Hitchcock, a captain in the British army, stationed in Hartford, Connecticut, was led by Indians to a warm spring, called Montepoole, in the borderlands between Massachusetts and New York, to cure his skin disease, which had baffled his doctors. His cure, though temporary, brought others to the Spring. He returned on other occasions and moved here in 1776.

 Columbia Hall opened in 1794, thirty-eight years after Hitchcock’s first visit.

Lebanon Springs was later to become a popular summer resort. This thermal spring continues to flow today, but the property itself is privately owned.

It closed in 1900, its demise the result of social changes after the Civil War.

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