Located in Historic New Lebanon


Commercial Traditions

New Lebanon was the birthplace for a number of significant  commercial innovations over its 300 year history.


 Columbia Hall in Lebanon Springs opened in 1794.  It stood 300 feet above the valley. At full capacity it could service 400 guests. The historic register from 1820-1830 was signed by visitors including the Marquis de Lafayette, Henry Longfellow, Daniel Webster, and John Quincy Adams.


The Tilden Pharmaceutical Company was founded in 1824 by E Gilbert (who learned the extracting trade from the Shakers) and Elam Tilden (a successful businessman). Additionally at one time Lebanon Springs was the location of one of Americas first Hydrotherapy Clinics.


The Lebanon Valley has a long history of manufacturing goods from the very beginning.  Throughout the years there have been many mills processing everything from lumber to flour to textiles.  There has also been a glassworks, a publishing house, as well as manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, thermometers and barometers in addition to the many Mount Lebanon Shaker Village manufacturing establishments.