Located in Historic New Lebanon

New Lebanon is a beautiful farming community, with an illustrious history dating back before the Revolutionary War, situated in the breathtaking Lebanon Valley in northeast Columbia County New York. The Heritage Center is a comprehensive mini-museum that showcases New Lebanon’s rich past.  It is also an official Columbia County Visitors Information Center, providing current maps, brochures, and listings of local attractions, recreation and events.

The Heritage Center  re-opened on Saturday February 11, 2017.  Come in to explore our collection during visiting hours; Saturday 10 – 12 pm, Sunday 11 – 1 pm and by appointment.   502 Route 20, New Lebanon, NY 12125.

Displaying a large collection of objects, the Heritage Center presents New Lebanon’s fascinating history of over 250 years and serves as a tourist bureau offering maps and guides of interest to visitors.

In the Historic Lebanon Valley was once located…….

Mount Lebanon Shaker Community - the largest and preeminent shaker community in the world. Read More
Lebanon Hot Springs Resort, America’s first warm water spa resort destination. Visited by American and European aristocracy. Read more
Tilden Pharmaceutical, Americas first pharmaceutical company. Read more
Samuel J. Tilden, New York State Governor, Presidential Candidate who handily won the popular vote but lost by one vote in the Electoral College. Read more
Kendall Thermometer, Americas first Thermometer manufacturer. Read more
Americas First Free Public Library. Read More
And many other firsts.... Come to the Heritage Center to learn more.